• Minimum Time, Maximum Impact.

    All it takes is a few minutes

    to Boost and Measure

    your Brain-Body Balance.

    Breath-controlled serious games for serious fun, to awaken your inner power.

  • Play, Repeat.

    Go with the Flow.

    Our games know when it's time for you to breathe in, out, and adapt to your own pace.


  • Train & Learn,

    Be at Your Best.


    Visualize the direct links between lifestyle, behavioral changes and overall health.

  • Zenytime Games

    are Always Free.

    Zenytime games are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



  • Train the Resilience Muscle.

    Zenytime games guide you toward 0.1 Hz breathing.

    0.1 Hz breathing has been associated with optimal resilience in ancient culture, and 21st century neuroscience established how beneficial it is in today's fast-paced world.

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    Fun, engaging and meaningful: Zenytime games were developed from the ground up to help drive true behavior change, far beyond badges and rewards.



    Controlled breathing is not that easy: most of us experience mind wandering, can't achieve long, regular breathing… Zenytime games embed a guided process.



    Data is central to self-improvement: one low reading is not always bad, high ones, not always good. Zenytime games' easy user interface empower anyone to make progress.

  • Perform, Keep Sharp and In-Control.


    With Zenytime, you can measure the impact of stress or sleep deprivation on your inner physiology.

  • Fun N Easy

    Gamified Biosensing


    Rigorous Research


    Everyday Hi-Tech

  • Inner Child Fun Turned into Anywhere, Anytime Digital.




  • Today, science and technology enable every one of us to measure, trigger and enhance Superpowers built in our brain and body like never before.

    Team Zenytime create and develop games to help you get and stay healthier and happier.



    Alain Goy

    Lead Producer


    For each and every game we develop, entertainment, fun is our purpose, but we keep in mind the "bigger picture", our ultimate objective, Zenytime's 3E rule: Engagement, Empowerment and scientific Enablement.

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    Zenytime brings a unique solution to the current health revolution. At Zenytime, we are committed to helping you elevate your well being to a whole new level: we learn from you, everyday.